12 comments on “The Victims of Jack the Ripper

  1. Wow, so brutal. But that’s why he’s called “Jack the Ripper,” I s’pose. Love the mystery of it, though.

    Anyway, thanks for liking my post. And within minutes of its upload, too. You’ve got some interesting stuff on here. It’s gonna take me some time to sift through. 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is both visually and content rich. I have found that I’ve learned so much more because of the need to plan and explain the various posts. I’d love to pop by and see what else you learn and I’m sure I’ll learn more, too.

    • Yes! thanks for stopping by. it’s an interesting theory; Lizzie Williams was unable to have children so she took her revenge by removing her victims wombs!

  3. I live on east London and they even fo Jack the Ripper tourist walking tours by my house! Cant believe pictures like that were published, don’t think they would do that now in the newspapers!! Interesting post.

    • Hey thanks for commenting. I don’t think the photos would have been printed in the newspapers, I think they were taken by the coroner for police evidence. But I might be wrong.

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