12 comments on “Royal Signals 1946/1947 in pictures – Part 6 – Ships in the Suez

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  3. Hello there,

    What a beautiful collection of pictures!
    I am making a short film about the history of the Suez Canal, and stumbled upon your collection. I was wondering if you’ll give your permission for the use of the first picture in the film (RMS Georgic in the Suez), because they’re really cool. The picture will be on screen for a few seconds and if you wish, I could refer to this website at the end of it.

    Whatever the outcome may be, thanks for showing these to me/the world anyway!

  4. i was watching a program a few nights ago about the 15 billion underground line and when it got to digging under the thames they showed an excerpt of the london docks and moored their was the georgic i couldnt beleive it it sent a chill down my spine as a child i travelled on that fine old ship from eygipt to southhamton we were evacuated because because of the suez crises i can remember us passing through the bay of bisca in a storm and watching a light ship disapearing under the waves must have been 1950 /1951

  5. I hope you can help me. I am currently finishing off the picture research for a biography of Thomas Bernard Kelly, who was born in Galway in 1870, qualified as a doctor and went on to serve in the Indian Medical Service for 30 years, including through WW1, and as a ship’s surgeon in WW2, including on the Mooltan taking troops to North Africa

    The book is due to be published commercially in the middle of 2016. An introduction can be found at http://worsfoldmedia.co.uk/journalism/publications/distinguished-service-introduction/. In addition, there has already been interest from RTE and an independent television production company in the UK.

    I would like to include one of your excellent pictures in the book and would be grateful for permission to do so.

    It goes without saying that everything would be generously credited and that, if you want one, I will send you a copy of the book on publication.

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