6 comments on “Rutland & Sempill, Japanese Spies?

  1. Dear Blogger, I was wondering if I could use the picture you have got of Sempill and Rutland above for an iBook I am creating as a class project. Please let me know ASAP Kind Regards, Casey

  2. Sempill & Rutland two venal individuals responsible for the deaths of so many. Unfortunately, they are not unique. I wonder if in their day there were those who held them as virtuous and only attempting to stop the spread of war.

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  4. I agree that they are not unique in being responsible for the deaths of so many, but I wonder how by bringing them to justice would be regarded as unpatriotic. On the contrary, the most patriotic thing to do would of course have been to hold them accountable, especially Sempill. What would have been the consequences to Churchill, and how could he have been let off for his massive contribution to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and the destruction that followed? And then of course there are the Atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki after Pearl Habor! They knew what he was up to and the dangers. So what if it was illegal to intercept him; it was done in the best interests of Britain and could have saved mass destruction! Good Lord, the mind boggles.

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