2 comments on “My map of London

  1. Looking at your map of London, a question arose in my mind. During World War II, my father was stationed with the 8th Air Force at Parham, a B-17 base near Framlingham. When he was allowed passes, he took the train into London. It may be a question without an answer, but do you have any ideas about what railway line he would have traveled on and at what stationed he would have arrived? Did one’s arrival at a certain train station in London indicate that their trip began in a certain region of England?

  2. Hello, Thanks for reading my blog.

    Indeed it depends on what station your father started his journey.

    Below is a map of the London and North Eastern Railway, LNER (which operated the area during the Second World War) you can see the old Framlingham branch line which runs from Framlingham station to Wickham Market station via the disused Parham station, then the LNER continues via Ipswich and Colchester to London.

    Below is a map of the underground with main line connections from 1946. My guess would be that your father would arrive in London Liverpool Street. If we had an enlarged network map or an old timetable perhaps we could confirm this.

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